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Your Guide to Fitness on the Road

Nowadays we live in a world where fitness has become a massive phenomenon. It is almost becoming the norm and going to the gym is no longer a boast-worthy activity to plaster across social media. It is such an accessible activity today, but it can still feel so out of reach. The thing that stumps so many people is that they instantly connote fitness with a gym. Needing this well organised, air-conditoned facility with funky energising music and a whole range of equipment in-order to get their sweat on, their heart beat racing, their abs burning or to pump up their sleeve-hugging arms.

And this is where I step in to give you a handful of realistic tips and advice that will make sure you get your fitness levels re-booted whilst on the road. Whatever way you travel the world, whether it’s business, leisure or a combination of both, fitness is so often pushed to the side and left for later. Now if you’re guilty of having done this, you’ll know too well that this never happens. But don’t worry, from now on your travel bag will be well equipped with the essentials then topped with all the key tips you need to up your fitness game, on the go.

    This doesn’t necessarily have to be the trending “Get Fit Quick” scheme floating across the internet, nor lose X amount of weight. This simply involves making a commitment to something which aims to progress towards your goal. Anybody who ever became stronger, fitter, faster or reduced their body fat levels never achieved this by chance. They simply decided that is what they want to work towards then created/followed a plan that would help guide them there. The internet is overflowing with exercise plans for all goals so be sure to use this to your advantage if you are unsure.
    The key in committing to doing something productive is to have the right gear packed. This only involves a pair of trainers and suitable workout clothes (t-shirt, shorts/leggings). With space in your bag most-likely being limited, you definitely won’t be packing useless things. So once you pack your workout gear you’re pretty much committing to exercise, right? Every time you see your kit, it’ll flash fitness/exercise back into your mind and you will most likely begin to plan it into your routine for the day. One necessity I would recommend is a set of resistance bands to keep in your bag. At next to nothing in cost, in weight and in size, you have upped your bodyweight workouts to a highly efficient full body resistance session in the matter of one very small life-long purchase.
    With all things in life, hiccups happen and things pop up that we can’t always avoid. One thing you should do if you can’t workout is to keep on moving. Momentum and persistence are key elements in this whole fitness equation that you’re working on. Making a simple increase in your activity, even if it’s not an intense training session will certainly help make a difference compared to doing nothing. This could be anything from taking a walk in the afternoon, a small bodyweight circuit in the garden or if space and time get really limited then do a small running and jogging on-the-spot session before your morning shower. Vow to make every day at least one step forward, that way you’re always heading in the right direction.
    If you are on the road with someone; a friend, partner, colleague, whoever it is, be sure to tell them of your plan and goals. This now means you have put your plan out in the open and you could be questioned at any time as to how your training plan is going or even questioned why your progress is going backwards. At this point, the last thing you want is to usher into a nervous stutter and your cheeks to beam out redness as if you’ve been waiting for a bus in the snow for the past hour. Your plan will feel real as soon as you open your mouth to someone about it. If you are travelling alone, this luxury seems unrealistic but thanks to smart phone technology you can set reminders on your phone to keep nagging the importance of sticking to your routine. You’re not as alone you thought out there nowadays!
    I bet your eyes have lit up and bellies almost rumbling as you see this title. The most important thing here is not confusing the word ‘reward’ with ‘overindulge’. It is part of human nature to learn and take positive acknowledgement from things when we are rewarded after doing something new. This doesn’t mean go on a binge eat or have a ‘cheat day’ after your first handful of workout sessions but be realistic because after all, what will attract you to do this again if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? Treat yourself to a nice lunch or even that fancy cocktail you’ve been eying up down at the beach next time you’re passing. You will be itching to exercise again if you know there’s a goodie after you’ve been working hard. Just imagine having that treat you love with no guilt whatsoever but in-fact knowing you truly well deserve it!
    Simplicity is key for fitness. Unless you’re an athlete in training, of course, but in that case you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this. Fitness is a spectrum of varying activities that can be done almost anywhere, using almost anything (even using NOTHING for that matter). If you’re looking for the general fitness “Look good, feel good” as I like to call it, there are limitless ways you can work towards your goal. You can go for long walks through the city or park, take a run down the beach, join in a kick about of football with locals, take your workout into the garden for some revitalising yoga or for an all-guns-blazing bodyweight plyometrics workout and so on. Make the most of the internet as there are thousands upon thousands of free workout plans at your disposal. Have a look for yourself, whether you’re searching through Google, YouTube or even Pinterest, you are guaranteed to have yourself a successful session in seconds.

And lastly.. make no excuses; after all Nike don’t brand “JUST DO IT!’ for no reason.

Now that’s enough from me, it’s now down to you!

How do you stay fit when you travel?
What is your favourite workout when you’re on the go?


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