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Why Croatia Should be on your Bucket List

As travel destinations go, Croatia is pretty amazing, it has everything you need for an unforgettable summer getaway. From beautiful beaches to jaw dropping waterfalls that take your breath away and picturesque historic towns with cobbled streets. Not to mention the ever expanding music festival scene, you won’t be short of things to do in Croatia.

We went to Croatia last year with a whole bunch of our friends to go to Hideout festival on the island of Pag, but we also visited the amazing Krka National Park and stopped off at some of the other towns and cities along the way, so I want to share with you why you should put this lovely country on your list of places to-go.

Let me begin with Croatia’s booming festival scene, seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many music festivals this place holds, it’s insane. There’s something for everyone but if you’re into dance and electronic music, Croatia is the place for you. Second only to Ibiza, Croatia is the dance music destination in Europe. If you want a full list of the festivals happening in 2017, I’ve put the link here. We went to Hideout festival which was amazing, we danced on the beaches until the sun came up and then did it all again the next day for 5 days straight, so it’s not for the faint hearted, but a must do if you’re a fan of techno music.

Okay, so once you’re all danced out and you’re needing some rest and recovery, you’re going to want to retreat to one of Croatia’s quiet little towns in a villa with a pool and a good book. That’s exactly what we did, and boy did we need it after all that partying. We stayed at a lovely hotel in a tiny village just outside of Sibenik. It was so nice to just chill and lie in the sun before returning home, but we also had some sights we wanted to see.

From here we were within 15 minute driving distance of Krka National Park. This had been something I had wanted to see for a while and I am so glad I got to check it off my bucket list. I had looked at photos before I went and honestly didn’t believe the place could be that beautiful in real life but I was SO wrong. If you’ve not been persuaded to book a flight to Croatia by now, I’m sure this will sway you, Just look at these photos.

You could hear the great thunder of the waterfalls before you seen them, the water was crystal clear and warm. One of the finest spots I have ever had the pleasure of swimming in. We got here before all the tourist coaches arrived so I was able to snap some great pictures.

Another reason that you should visit Croatia is for their pancakes. Hahaha, OK so I’m not suggesting that you should fly all the way to Croatia just for pancakes, but if you’re there it’s certainly a bonus. These are called Pancakes Dalmatia, named after the region they were created in. I can safely say they are the best pancakes I have ever eaten (and I have eaten a lot trust me). They are thin crepes with vanilla ice cream folded in the middle of them, served with  warm raspberry jam and whipped cream; heaven.

Croatia was a dream, there’s so much to see and do and I hope to return one day because there’s still so much I haven’t seen like Dubrovnik and The Plitvice Lakes. If you’ve ever been to Croatia I’d love to hear what you got up to when you were there.






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