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Weird and Wonderful Things to do in Berlin

Berlin has a bit of a reputation for being strange, but when you think about what this city has been through, you think no wonder it’s a bit weird. Berlin was bustling in the 20s then came Hitler and his regime, bombs fell and blood was spilt. Then a wall was built splitting the city in half and dividing the people. With its mismatched buildings and clashing architecture, it is definitely interesting and there is plenty of weird and wonderful things to do. So here are some of the strangest and some of the best things to do in Berlin…


  • Have a drink In Das Klo

Das Klo is a bar with a twist, the name directly translates as “The Toilet”, so expect to have your drinks served in bedpans and urine sample bottles! This sounds pretty disgusting but once you’ve had a few you’ll find it pretty funny. Also beware of moving tables and things jumping down from the ceiling; this definitely keeps you on your toes, I almost spilt  my drink every time the table jumped! If you’re looking for a sophisticated and classy atmosphere Das Klo is NOT the place, but it is a lot of fun.



  • Visit the Currywurst Museum

With 175 museums to choose from it’s hard to pick what ones to visit on your trip, but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and a bit of fun then there’s the Currywurst museum. Currywurst is a German fast food dish consisting of fried sausage and chips served with curry ketchup and curry powder sprinkled on top. You can find this being sold on almost every street corner in Berlin. The museum takes you through the history of the famous German snack, and there’s lots of interactive things to play around with, plus you get samples so you can taste it for yourself.


  • Drink Green Beer

If you’re a fan of sickly sweet beverages then you’ll love Berliner Weisse, which is the local beer, but you can order it so that it comes with flavoured green syrup. Sean ordered this at one of the restaurants out of curiosity and neither of us enjoyed it, but maybe the place we were at was too heavy with the syrup as it’s supposed to be quite refreshing. The syrup is supposedly made from a forest herb called waldermeister, I have no idea what waldermeister is but it tasted of green gummy bears to me.



  • Drive a Trabi through the city

A Trabi is an old style of car they used to make in Germany and they were very popular before the fall of the Berlin Wall.. despite having a reputation for being noisy, uncomfortable and slow. So what better way to take in the sites of Berlin than from inside one of these rickety little things!? I actually really wanted to do this, I thought it would be a fun way of seeing some of the city and something you don’t get to do anywhere else, but we were pushed for time on our last day so we had to forget it. (maybe next time!)


  • Drink Wine at La Weinerei

This is a wine bar with a difference. Instead of having prices for the drinks you just pay what you want! All you do is pay 2 euro when you first come in for your glass and then you drink as much wine as you want and when you leave you just pay however much you want! You may be thinking how can they make much profit, but as it is such a relaxed and trusting atmosphere you often find that people pay much more than what they would normally. This was yet another place that I really wanted to go but we didn’t have the time as it was quite a distance from where our apartment was.

  • Take in the amazing street art

Everywhere you turn in Berlin you can see amazing pieces of art sprayed onto just about anything; walls, buildings, electricity boxes, the pavement, everywhere! You can also visit the East-side Gallery, which is a stretch of the old Berlin Wall which has been painted by artists from all over the world. A lot of the paintings represent the freedom that was felt when the wall was taken down and expresses the joy and hopes for a better more free future for the people of Germany. It is also where you can see the iconic painting of the two men kissing by Dmitri Vrubel.


  • Visit one of Berlin’s secret bars

Berlin is famous for it’s underground nightlife, and many of the bars and clubs do not have signs outside them.. infact you’d walk right past them, like we nearly did. The whole idea is that you only know about these places if A) you researched it like we did or B) someone told you about it, so it feels very exclusive and I have to admit it’s quite a buzz feeling like you’re in on a secret. We seeked out Bar Tausend on our last night, and I’m so glad we did, because it was one of the highlights of the trip. I just loved that from the outside it looks like the door to a cleaning cupboard, situated under a bridge with no signs, but inside is this fancy cocktail bar where they have live jazz bands on weekdays and house music at weekends. Inside it is very chilled and you can even buy cigars to puff away on while you sip your cocktails and relax. It was such a unique experience and totally worth hunting it down.


Entrance to Bar Tausend.

Inside Bar Tausend


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