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The Gift that Saved me over £2100..

In a modern world today, there is one thing that many people revel over. A digital value, that people dedicate a myriad of time throughout their days to build up,  just to have a small chunk of the week remaining off to let this value deflate, before the next week flies round the corner to do the same all over. Five letters which, when put together, are so important to people that it very regularly overrides peoples manners, ethics and social respect.

And if you haven’t guessed what it is by now.. I’m talking about money.

The reason I have wrote about what seems to be such a simple but head turning subject is because money is on the forefront of peoples minds so often that you probably aren’t aware of it. From planning a nice meal for yourself and a lucky date, from being bombarded with 3 minutes of adverts at a time inbetween episodes of your favourite series on TV, from the constant “Hi I’m …. from such and such..” sales calls during dinner, from all the leaflets replicating a mini Mount Kilimanjaro through the other side of the letterbox and from the Ads appearing down the side of your newsfeed, we are surrounded by people making endless attempts to catch our attentions to lure in our money.

Before you end up panicking about your financial situation or start counting down the remaining weeks or hopefully days till payday. I’m going to talk about saving money by letting you in on a gift I received on Christmas 4 years ago, which has saved me a fortune. Yes I know this gift won’t be suitable for everybody, but it provides a lesson which you could try twist to suit your spending habits. I’m talking as a guy who sports fairly short clipper’d hair round the back and sides, with a varying length of hair on top to suit my style.

I, during the last years of school found myself in an expensive routine of going to my local Turkish barbers every weekend for.. a haircut, obviously! This all seemed fine at the time because it meant I could stroll into the weekend rocking a fresh new cut, which always injected my younger school-days self with some extra confidence. If you can’t relate to this feeling, I reckon it’s best you reevaluate your choice of hairdresser. Still to this day I feel like a new man straight after the fuzzy ends round my head and neck are removed.

The gift I received was a set of Wahl clippers (average set could cost anywhere between £20-40) with all the trimmings (varying clipper sizes, a brush, scissors and oil, all encased in this small CIA-looking metal briefcase. I knew instantly this was given to me to help subside my outgoings to the barbershop. I instantly took it up to the bathroom, not even bothering about checking out the YouTube tutorials and brought the clippers to my scalp. Success! My hair was in an acceptable condition and looked almost unrecognisably different to how it is after I’ve handed over a tenner to the barber. But like all things it is a matter of practice makes perfect, and as the nerves wear off and you learn from a few rookie mistakes, you’ll be just as confident bringing the clippers towards your head as you would be sitting in the relaxed environment of your hairdressers, but this time without the costs.

My hair cuts would cost me £8 each time I paid a visit. Having to break a ten pound note I would always leave the remaining £2 tip as the guy was friendly and almost always done a good job. You can put your calculators away as I’ve already doe the maths to show this would cost me £520 for a year, given I stuck to my routine of going every week, which I did without any doubt. Above you will see I got this gift four years ago which takes my calculations up to £2080 plus the 4 hair cuts that we are past Christmas right now.. £2120. From taking the time it would have taken me to get transport to and from the barbers as well as waiting then getting worked on, I decided to take matters into my own hands with probably a little extra time to spare, to teach myself a skill that saves me a regular outgoing that only ever keeps increasing.

Just take a minute to think of all the things you could do or places you could go if you have an outgoing of such magnitude removed from your expenditure and instead kept untouched in your bank account.

It’s time that you start making some cuts to your finances!

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