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Happy International Women’s Day!

I know I’m  a day late, I wasn’t going to write a blog post today since we uploaded our Berlin After movie  last night, but I was scrolling through Instagram and reading all the girl power posts for International Women’s Day and just felt so inspired to write something  for the occasion. Too often as women we tear each other down, we forget that someone else’s success does not take away from our own and we should be celebrating each others achievements. With that being said I want to celebrate all the lovely lady travel vloggers, bloggers and instagrammers that inspire me to blog and travel.

Mollie Bylett Profile
I stumbled across Mollie’s YouTube one day while watching travel vlogs and ended up binge watching nearly all her videos. I love how relatable she is, and you can tell how hard she has worked to turn her passion into her job. After a couple of years blogging and funding her own travels she has now turned it into a career, and for me this is really inspirational and she is one of the reasons why I am sitting here today writing a blog post. She also has an amazing Instagram feed that will make you want to book a plane ticket to anywhere really.

Jess Valentine Profile
Jess is one half of the Flying The Nest duo, but I feel that on International Women’s Day she deserves credit of her own (Sorry Stephen). They are an Australian couple who left the comfort of their family homes for long term travel. They have an amazing YouTube channel that Sean and I watch religiously, they have videos up 3 times a week and we never miss a single one! Their blog is full of helpful tips and amazing photos.

Laura Reid Profile
Laura’s main YouTube channel is actually more beauty and fashion related, but she has a great vlog channel where she shares all of her travels and adventures. Laura can usually be found travelling with her partner, Christian (aka Lost LeBlanc) who uploads very regularly, so you won’t be short of content. I really love how Laura is so glamorous yet she can live out a backpack.

Psycho Traveller Profile

Aly is a seasoned traveller, she has now been travelling the world full time for 3 years, so she has a wealth of knowledge and advice to give on all aspects of travelling. I love her real talks on YouTube where she tells it how it is and how a life of travel isn’t always fun and games. Her videos are very informative and helpful and I feel like if you had any question about anything to do with travel at all Aly could answer it for you.

Gypsea Lust Profile
Lauren is a self taught travel photographer and successful Instagrammer. Her Instagram  feed is enough to give even the most stubborn homebird a case of wanderlust, but don’t just take my word for it, go and have a look. She is usually on a beach somewhere in South East Asia, sipping on a coconut and petting cute puppies, she basically lives the dream life. She also has a blog, which is full of even more beautiful photo’s of where she has been.

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