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How It All Fell Into Place – Our Travel Inspiration

In todays social media obsessed world, we are not short of travel inspiration. For some people this inspiration is needed, but for others, the desire to be away seeing new places no matter how close or far, runs through our heads constantly. There’s a difference between having a want to travel and a need to travel, but since you are here reading this I imagine that you qualify as the latter.

You’ll know the feeling well – constant thoughts of travel; in the shower, whilst out driving, at work, when eating, when looking through social media, reading blogs and the almighty worst that kills so much time; lying in bed at night. Pretty much all the time, we are head-to-toe with an urge to see the world.

Maybe you’re twiddling your thumbs whether or not you should make the move of leaping head first into your long-term travel goals. We did too, so here I’m going to share our experience of what made us turn it into a reality.

Australia; the country we’ve both wanted to migrate to for a very long time. Having been brought up encouraged to save and head to Australia since I was a youngster, I opened a savings account for this trip when I was around 17. Being a teenager at the time, the saving never went very well. (Not to worry, that happens). Fast forward 3 or so years, Rhianne and I decide to visit STA Travel regarding a 4-week trip round South East Asia. The likes of Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia. After discussing almost every detail of the trip, be it; routes to take, things to do, transport, Visas and so on, we came to pricing up the flights. UH OH!.. No reasonably priced flights were available due to the time distance between then and takeoff. What a disappointment, we want it booked now! The wait between then and a month or 2 felt like a life sentence, all we were interested in was having our trip planned so we could get our heads down to save. We all know how difficult it is to save for something that isn’t happening yet. A couple of months later we are back at STA Travel to complete our mission of securing flights for our Asia trip. A few long scrambles of keyboards clicks and the flight listings are still very limited for our dates. “Come again in a month or two” is becoming too regular a goodbye for our liking.

Our intentions were always to travel Asia this coming summer then save up for a full year then head to Australia. After many a long car journey to-and-from Rhianne’s static caravan in St. Andrews, the topic of Australia kept arising. It was only then after thinking about the whole STA flight situation that it appeared to all fit into place like a jigsaw puzzle. There was a reason our flights weren’t available for Asia at the time.. because after us both mentioning that we “wish we were going to Australia this summer” it all seemed to click. Within a matter of minutes Asia was only a background thought in my head and I turned all my focus towards Oz.  After numerously reassuring myself that Rhianne was serious about it, I went home and organised a meeting back at you-know-where.. STA Travel! This time for Australia.

Everything seemed to fall into place for us instantly this time and we both knew we were making the right move. More than luckily, we managed to land ourselves a massive bargain of 50% off our Work & Travel Visa (£175 instead of £350) and also the same discount on our Work & Travel Starter Pack, due to organising this on Black Friday, coincidentally may I add. Flights were available and within a matter of 30 mins we officially had ourselves a year in Australia and a cheeky wee 3 weeks in Bali (because we obviously couldn’t avoid Asia completely..)!

Here we have the best of both worlds, all in one trip. Our initial plan of Asia is now combined with our long-term goal of moving over to Australia. We couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out, and rest assured.. we already have ideas of where our travels will take us once our Visas expire. Not so fast nosey! These cards are being kept close to our chest for now. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, unsure where to visit next or if something simply isn’t working out as planned, here are a few simple pieces of advice which helped with our decision:

  • If you are travelling as a couple, share your thoughts and talk as much as possible
  • Do lots of research into your options (take notes or save pictures)
  • Use social media as your free source of inspiration, vlogs are a great way of seeing other places before you make up your mind and Pinterest is also great for getting ideas.
  • Confer with family and/or a travel consultant like we did at STA
  • Follow your gut instinct and do not be scared of changing your mind!



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  • Kia Jade
    April 3, 2017 at 10:38 AM

    That’s so great it all fell into place seemingly at the right time and sequence for you both – I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend your time in a relationship than travelling the world together. I’m super excited to live vicariously through your adventures of both Bali and Australia. I am a firm believer that when you make a decision, everything falls into place to help it happen.

    • Wanderfully Living
      April 3, 2017 at 12:51 PM

      I know we are over the moon, it’s surreal to think we’ll be visiting so many places together! Thank you, we really hope we can deliver so much on here from our experiences and hopefully inspire others to visit for themselves. You are absolutely right, literally everything has worked out in our favour 🙂