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A Night in The Bubble Hotel, Bali

It’s hard to find a truly unique experience in a place as well travelled and explored as Bali, but the Bubble Hotel in Bali is just that – unique. (ps. scroll to the end for full video).

I surprised Sean with a night in this giant clear plastic bubble, with visions of a romantic night under the starry sky on a  secluded beach in beautiful Bali. While it was definitely romantic and a night to remember, a couple of things didn’t go exactly to plan…

Situated in the South end of Bali in the Uluwatu area, we got a transfer from Ubud which the bubble hotel arranged for us. As this was a surprise, I had already messaged the host asking if they would be careful not to spill the beans about where we were going… Sean thought we were heading to Ubud that day and I successfully had him fooled. The taxi driver kept quiet the full trip, even when Sean kept exclaiming that we were going the wrong way, much to my unease. The journey took about an hour, when we arrived, Lady Wayan greeted us and let us put our luggage in a safe place for the night (Sean still has no idea what’s happening), she then guided us to a steep cliff that we were to descend to the beach below. Luckily I had foreseen that flip flops would be an issue for this steep, rocky walk and had told sean to wear his trainers.


The beach at the bottom of the cliff was so beautiful and there were only a couple of sunbathers and a little shack that sold coconuts and Bintang, which we stocked up on. We waited around on the beach for 15 minutes for a guide coming to show us to our bubble (Sean still baffled). We were then shown to our bubble, which was in a little clearing in the jungle just off the beach. I was so excited when we approached it and Sean couldn’t believe it either, I think he was puzzled at first when he seen this giant plastic igloo! It was like we had our own private beach too, no one else was at this bit of the beach it was amazing. Although there are 3 other bubbles on this part of the beach, they are all spaced out and completely secluded.

The bubble itself is blown up by a constant stream of air from a generator. When you enter and exit the bubble you. had to make sure both doors weren’t open or the bubble would deflate. Inside there was a double bed and small air conditioning unit that didn’t work very well and a night stand. The ‘bathroom’ was a 10m walk from the bubble in the jungle with an outdoor shower and toilet although there were a lot of bugs and the shower didn’t work well and the toilet didn’t flush properly.


We sat outside, had a couple of beers and watched the sun go down and for a while we felt on top of the world. There were a lot of monkeys that came out of the tree’s so we had to watch our stuff closely and then cows came out to play as well. Our food arrived quite late at around 8pm, and it wasn’t the best especially as it wasn’t cheap either, we had gnocchi with pesto, it wasn’t too warm either, but they do make the food in a makeshift kitchen in the jungle just behind the bubble.


After dinner was done it was completely pitch black and a little spooky, but then fairy lights came on around the bubble and they gave us torches, so we sat and drank a couple more beers. Then they brought out the hookah I had ordered (everything is extra and quite pricey).

Then things took a turn for the worst. As we were sitting enjoying our music and beer, the fairy lights suddenly went off, we didn’t think anything of it, but then one of the members of staff came over and informed us that the mains power had went off and it would be back on in about an hour. This was at around 8.30pm and so we thought it was fine we would just sit and wait outside and enjoy our night. The bubble quickly started to deflate without the constant air flow, and within an hour it was completely flat and resembled more of a puddle than a bubble. At this point we thought the power would be back on it was now approaching 10pm and we were getting tired and we’d ran out of beer and battery power on our phones for music. Still we waited, another half an hour passed and we still hadn’t heard anything from staff, they had just left us and went back up the cliff probably thinking the power was back on for us. So we decided to take a walk and look for the other bubble dwellers. We came across another couple on the beach with their torches and we waved them over. All of us were in the dark (literally) as to when the power was going back on, and with nowhere to sleep and the cliff being too dangerous to scale at night we were worrying. The other couple invited us to their patch of land where they had a campfire going, so off we went. We sat around and chatted for another hour, just when I was thinking of how the hell we could climb that cliff in the pitch black without breaking our necks, lo and behold their fairy lights went on and the humming of the air blower started. HOORAY! the power was back on, their bubble started to inflate, so we said our goodbyes and went back to our bubble.

Because the power had been off for so long, when we got inside the bubble it was so sticky and humid, the air con wasn’t working properly, so we had a very hot and sleepless night. We woke as soon as the sun rose at 6.30am and felt so horrible that we didn’t even stick around for the breakfast I had ordered. We packed our stuff and away up the cliff we went. When we finally got to our accommodation in Ubud the first thing we did was shower and it felt so good followed by a nap.

Things To Consider:

  • There are other bubbles nearby
  • The amenities i.e. toilet and shower don’t work well
  • There is a lot of wildlife (monkeys, cows, insects)
  • All additional extras cost money and can be quite pricey
  • The bubble’s DO have plug points
  • bring a torch
  • prepare to feel warm in the bubble


Although there were some not so great surprises at the Bubble Hotel, had it all gone to plan we would have had such a perfect evening. We really enjoyed the novelty experience until the power went off. It was great to surprise Sean with such a memorable experience and it’s now something we can laugh about and remember in years to come.


I booked the Bubble Hotel experience via AirBnB and it cost me £55 for one night… you can use this link to get £30 travel credit for your first AirBnB trip.


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