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5 Ways YOU can Travel the World through Work

Yes, you read it right. How you -yes, YOU- can travel the world through work. If you think this sounds too good to be true, stick around for a couple of minutes, you’ll sure be happy with your decision. Haven’t we all sat in a daze, day-dreaming about this life we could live travelling from continent to continent, crossing borders for fun and collecting stamps on our passport as if you’re going by Pokemon’s famous “Gotta catch’em all!”?

Well sit tight and buckle in (Sorry there’s no travelling quite yet). I’m going to make you aware of the popular routes you can take your work round the globe. I bet I’ll have your minds jogging and motivation boosted by the time you’re finished.

  • Teaching
    Wouldn’t it be great being such an influential figure that you get to expel your knowledge and teach inspired foreign learners? As a teacher you could pretty much land yourself a job in any field where education is required, and even better, in any corner of the earth. You’ll be glad to know that with the ever-increasing amount of English spoken around the world, it comes as no shock that there is a massive demand for people to take their language overseas to pass on their knowledge. If you are from the UK or USA you are in luck as they have such highly regarded education systems that your chances are strengthened. This is probably the most common route for teaching whilst travelling. You don’t even need to be a teacher YET. All you need is a degree and to pass your TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreign Language course and you’ll soon be qualified in expanding the world’s knowledge of our wonderful language.


  • Photographer/Journalist
    Do you have a creative mind and good are at capturing the moment, either in writing or picture form? Being talented with a camera or even with a pen can surprisingly lead you to places you may never have imagined. The art of being able to make something wonderful out of nothing is so sought after that you could be sent on other-side-of-the-world expeditions for a very small number of photographs, even as little as just one.. the MONEY SHOT! So get yourself out there, create a blog, a portfolio and make your work known, because who knows where it could lead you. After all, it’s somebody’s job to venture all over the world capturing the shots for David Attenborough’s Planet Earth. I bet you’d wake up in a hurry for that job, right?


  • Blogging
    Take what you’re doing now, but all over the world. Amazing!
    A successful blog can be the key to funding your travels wherever your writing takes you. With an infinite amount of topics to discuss around the world you certainly won’t be lost for content when you’re on the go. Your experiences, food, culture, photography, health, transport and political affairs are a handful of the many thousands of topics written about by travellers. The wonderful thing about blogging is that with a little inspiration and a well sought-after internet connection, you can literally take your work with you, anywhere and everywhere. Find what grabs your attention, polish off your skills, put in the work and write your way around the world.


  • Cabin Crew
    The phrase “the holiday starts once you get to the airport” isn’t all that true for some people. Some people need to work before their holiday can get started.. unfair you may say? Well no, being part of a cabin crew entitles you to travelling to different destinations all over the world. Imagine your work schedule containing a list of locations on the map rather than a list of 9-to-5’s. I know a handful of people locally who are cabin crew with British Airways and the updates on Facebook are overwhelming, it really does seem dreamy. Although the training can be very long and demanding, I do see why they hold smiles on their faces.


  • Holiday Rep
    Being the person who’s job it is to ensure everybody on holiday has the best time ever, definitely ensures one thing.. that you’re going to have the best time ever with them! When you hear the words holiday rep you’re probably thinking of the wild hosts of your cheap booze filled party holidays in the likes of Ibiza and Magaluf but there are also plenty of other jobs all over the world if that’s not quite your thing. Out-with the realms of the sun there are also repping jobs in ski resorts, on safaris, in the ocean and in the mountains. If you’re an outgoing person, love meeting new people, making new friends and having as much fun as you can, there will be a repping job somewhere that suits you. Who wouldn’t want to be the face that everyone remembers from their amazing holiday?


There you go! Now you see it is possible to make money whilst you make the most of your wanderlust. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are sure to be many more ways to produce an income whilst on the go, so have a think before you moan that all you want to do is travel, but you “can’t”.. now you can!


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