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5 Realistic Ways you Can Save Money for Travel

Here are 5 easy and realistic ways you can cut down on your daily expenses to save money for your next trip. Some of these tips are really simple but they will help you maximise your saving power to get you on the road again, faster.

1) Book The Trip!

This sounds really obvious, but it’s a lot harder to save money for something when it’s just a mere idea in your head. Once you have your flights/ accommodation booked it actually becomes real and you have to start saving. The sooner it’s booked the more time you have to save money aswell, so don’t hang about!

2) Give up drinking for a bit

This is assuming that you do drink alcohol. This is not only good for your health, it’s also great for your bank balance. You’d be amazed at how much money you save when you take a break from the booze. Sean and I are actually having a booze free January to save money for our trip to Berlin, and I have to say it’s been a welcome break after over indulging over Christmas.

3) Stop buying Coffees

A coffee from your favourite coffee shop can easily range from between £2-£4. If you’re buying one every day think of the money you’re spending every month on coffee (I’ll let you do the maths). This is money you could be saving towards your next trip, it really is the little things like this that make the difference. Instead, make your coffee in a flask and take it with you, or leave a jar of coffee at your workplace so you can always make one when your caffeine cravings take over.

4) Prioritise Travel

If you’re really serious about travelling, you have to make it your priority. That means leaving the shops without those shoes you really really wanted and passing up invitations to the pub every other weekend. It’s really going to test your willpower, but if you can do it you will be rewarded. In these situations, the best way to finalise your decision is not to confuse what you NEED, with what you want.

5) Put away a small amount every day

I’m talking between £1-£5, a comfortable amount of money that you won’t even notice is gone. Usually I like to do this with enough time that it covers my spending money for a trip. For example, I am putting all my £2 coins I receive away in my piggy bank and hopefully that will be my spending money sorted for my trip to New York in June.

What do you think of our money saving tips? Let us know in the comments how you save money for travelling.


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