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Our 2017 Travel Plans

Hello everyone,


We hope you all had a happy New Year and have many amazing things to look forward to in 2017, we certainly do! We are SO excited for 2017, and we want to share with you what we’ve got lined up for the year ahead.

We’re kicking our 2017 adventures off with a weekend trip to Berlin in February. Berlin has been near the top of our loooong travel list for quite some time, as it is bursting with culture and oozes that cool hipster vibe. We’re looking forward to visiting the holocaust memorial, exploring the berlin wall art gallery and sampling the local speciality; currywurst (sounds horrific, supposedly tastes amazing!)



Then, in June the adventures continue with the trip of a lifetime to NEW YORK CITY. We are heading to the big apple with Sean’s family as part of Sean’s 21st birthday celebrations. New York has always been a dream of mine, but something I thought I would never be able to afford to do until I was older, so I feel so lucky to be getting the chance to go this year. We are really looking forward to the food (hello Chinatown), and strolling through Central Park in the heat of the summer.



And now for the big announcement… in October we will be going to Australia for A WHOLE YEAR of travelling (and working). Even better, we are stopping over in Indonesia for a few weeks first to explore Bali and the Gili Islands, something we have both been longing to do. The thought of a full year away from home on the other side of the world brings many emotions, but mostly excitement, I get butterfly’s in my stomach whenever I think about it. We have so many things we want to do and places we want to see while we’re there, so stay tuned for an Australia bucket list post.



Another thing we are aiming to do this year is see more of our own country before we set off on our adventure to Australia. Scotland is so picturesque and beautiful it would be a shame not to explore more of it. That’s why we’ll be setting aside one week in the summer to travel the North Coast 500; A 500 mile round road trip (804km) along Scotland’s scenic beaches and rugged highlands.


If you have been to any of these places we would love to hear your suggestions of what to do or where to go in the comments and let us know what your 2017 travel plans are!


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  • adventuredawg79
    February 10, 2017 at 2:49 PM

    Nice post. It is well written and really leaves me excited to come back and follow you on your upcoming adventures. I really like your site. Beautiful, clean photography and site layout. We look forward to joining you virtually and will be back! If you get a chance, please check out our blog. We also did a New York City trip in Sept 2016. I’ll email you some suggestions. Live Your Adventure! – Cheryl

    • Wanderfully Living
      February 10, 2017 at 2:51 PM

      Thank you so much Cheryl 😊 I’d love to read about your NYC adventures and hear any suggestions you have!

  • MrAndMrsBucketList
    February 11, 2017 at 10:54 AM

    Great trips. You’ll love New York. It’s awesome. When you do Australia make sure you don’t miss the West coast. In our opinion it’s by far the best bit (we might be a bit biased though).

    • Wanderfully Living
      February 11, 2017 at 10:59 AM

      We’ll be sure to visit the West coast! Is that where you guys are from?