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20 Things we want to do in our 20’s

Your 20’s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.
Kyoko Escamilla

Here are 20 things that we both wish to check off as we travel our way through our twenties:

  1. Skydive
  2. Learn to surf in Bali
  3. Go skiing in Whistler, Canada
  4. Go on a long road trip
  5. Trek through a rainforest
  6. Spend a year in another country
  7. Visit New York City
  8. Ride on a hot air balloon during Cappadocia in Turkey
  9. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  10. Climb Mount Batur in Bali to watch the sunrise
  11. See Komodo dragons in Flores
  12. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  13. Volunteer in an animal sanctuary
  14. Go scuba diving
  15. Ride buggies through the sand dunes in Dubai
  16. Go on an African safari
  17. Eat street food in Mexico
  18. See or lie under the Northern Lights
  19. Go to Coachella in California
  20. Dive with sharks


Have you been lucky enough to tick off any of our wishlist? If so, tell us what you thought of it and if you have anything that isn’t on our list, be sure to let us know what you desire to do.


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  • MrAndMrsBucketList
    February 11, 2017 at 10:56 AM

    Nice list. We’ve been lucky enough to do a few of these so check out the blog for ideas or feel free to ask us questions. Happy to help.

    • Wanderfully Living
      February 11, 2017 at 10:58 AM

      Aw great, nothing beats being able to tick off a place from the list! I will definitely make my way over